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Major & Indie labels, Publishers, Music Libraries and Film & TV Music Supervisors provide us with a precise list of genres of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists they are currently looking for – then we provide our members with this info. You can browse through our open opportunities and if you see a match for your music, submit it to us, and our team will pre-screen it for the requesting Company.

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Artist pay $10-$15 per song to be evaluated by 5 industry professionals, and taste-targeted to potential fans.   Industry Professional or opportunity Professional listens, responds, and possibly selects your song for placement. If your music is on-point and rocks, we walk it in the door for you. Your music then starts to become solicited because it came from tunesubmit. (A Trusted Industry Source)

You Keep All The Money!

If you strike a deal and make a trillion dollars, you’ll keep a trillion dollars. We don’t take any percentages or publishing splits.


Throughout the year we hold PRIVATE EVENT SHOWCASES where artist have the opportunity to perform for and sit with Industry Executives.

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The music business is super competitive, but if you don’t get in the race you have no chance of ever winning. Your tunesubmit membership will keep you well informed, highly-motivated and more connected to the music industry than you ever dreamed possible.